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Sound Equipment Rental

The following is a complete listing of our current inventory of digital and analog processing equipment along with key technical specifications for each item. All items are available for rental in the Greater Chicago Area. We will deliver, set up and sound check selected components or customize a complete sound system to your specifications. We will work closely with each client to insure that our equipment interfaces seamlessly with your existing equipment.

  • Digital Effects Processors:
    • (1x) Lexicon Alex Digital Effects Processor
    • (1x) Lexicon MX300 Stereo Reverb / Effects Processor
  • Analog Effects Processors:
    • (1x) dbx 166A Dual Compressor / Limiter
    • (1x) dbx 2215 Equalizer / Limiter
  • D.I. (Direct Injection) Boxes:
    • (1x) dbx dB10 Passive Direct Box
    • (7x) dbx dB12 Phantom Powered Active Direct Boxes
    • (1x) Radial Engineering Active Stereo Computer Direct Box
      • Balanced left and right XLR outputs
      • 1/4" left and right inputs
      • 1/8" TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) stereo input for use with PC's and laptops
      • RCA left and right inputs
      • Phantom powered
  • Miscellaneous:
    • (1x) Rapco Horizon Concert Series 16 Channel x 100' long Snake
    • (1x) Denon DN-C620 Broadcast CD Player
    • (1x) Furman PL-Plus Series II Power Conditioner
    • (6x) Shure A56D Microphone Drum Mounts
    • (8x) Microphone boom stands (black)