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"Unparalleled Sound"
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Sound System Technical Details

Touring grade speakers, subwoofers and power amps...

It all starts with touring grade speakers, subwoofers and power amps. We use many of the same award winning pro-audio components one might see and hear at a large concert. We exclusively feature Crown i-Tech and Crown i-Tech HD Series power amplifiers, JBL Professional SRX700 Series speakers and subwoofers, Each component in the audio chain represents the very best that each manufacturer has to offer.

Our sound systems are configured on site using world class pro-audio components from leading manufacturers such as Crown Audio, JBL Professional, PreSonus, Mackie, Shure, AKG, dbx, Lexicon and Furman. Our compact systems take up very little room yet are capable of developing high SPL (Sound Pressure Levels) with very little distortion. In fact, our sound equipment is superior to that currently used by just about any mobile disc jockey in the Greater Chicago Area.

All of our equipment is meticulously maintained at regularly scheduled intervals to insure peak performance and guarantee reliability. All of our electronics are housed in ATA 300 Rated flight cases to protect against damage in transit.

45,000 Watts of Crown i-Tech Power...

You may have noticed that sound systems which sound great indoors just don't cut it once you move them outdoors or into a medium size venue such as a gymnasium. Without nearby walls and a ceiling to reflect sound, the listener must often turn up the volume to the point of distortion which results from a lack of reserve amplifier power called "headroom".

With over 45,000 Watts of available power, we have the capability to handle just about medium size venue with ease. Using a modular approach, each sound system is configured on site to accommodate the number of people in attendance, the room acoustics and size of the venue.

JBL Factory Tunings...

In an effort to fully optimize the performance of each of our sound systems, all of our Crown i-Tech Series power amplifiers have been programmed with the appropriate JBL factory tunings for each of our SRX700 series speakers and subwoofers. These factory tunings include the active crossover filters, equalization, delay and limiter settings engineered by JBL to realize the full sonic potential of each speaker.

Crown i-Tech's on-board DSP (Digital Signal Processing) eliminates the need for an outboard crossover and affords the flexibility to quickly configure the following types of sound systems:

  • Stereo full range (passive crossover)
  • Stereo active two-way (bi-amplified)
  • Stereo active three-way (tri-amplified)